Package com.simonstl.fragment

Interface Summary
RegExInt The RegExInt interface defines the interface any wrapper for regex functionality must implement.

Class Summary
AttCollection The AttCollection class extends HashMap with functions for accepting and producing SAX AttributesImpl objects
Attribute The attribute class stores information about an attribute.
BoolStack Deprecated. no longer used by FragmentFilter
BufferStack Deprecated. no longer used by FragmentFilter
Characters The Characters class stores information about textual fragments.
ComponentFactory This class creates different types of DocComponent objects from a SAX event, or directly through a list of properties.
ComponentList The ComponentList class extends ArrayList with functions for matching objects
DocComponent The DocComponent abstract class stores information about XML document components in a way which makes it easy use them in a streaming SAX environment.
Element The Element class stores information about elements (and perhaps someday attributes) in a format that supports namespaces, allows the preservation of prefix information, and supports matching on namespace URIs and localNames.
FilterTester This class just takes two arguments - a rules file and a target file.
FragmentFilter This class provides a SAX 2.0 Filter which uses regular expressions to fragment particular elements into smaller labelled components.
FragmentRule Each FragmentRule describes a regular expression and the results of the fragmentation it produces, described as a series of child elements.
FragmentRuleFactory This class creates FragmentRule objects from a SAX event, or directly through a list of properties.
FragmentRules This class stores a set of rules in a HashMap.
Regex4jMatch Regex4jMatch wraps the IBM class for matching.
RegexProcFactory RegexProcFactory creates processors which allow developers to plug in alternative packages for processing regular expressions.
RegexpSplit RegexpSplit wraps the org.apache.regexp.RE for splitting.
RulesLoader This class loads the information stored in a rules document for use in fragment filtering.
Skip The Skip class stores information about pieces which should be skipped.
XercesMatch XercesMatch wraps the Apache Xerces org.apache.xerces.utils.regex.RegularExpression class for matching.