Package com.simonstl.fragment

Class Summary
BoolStack The BoolStack class stores a stack of Boolean vales so that the FragmentFilter can keep track of which elements in a generated set need fragmenting.
BufferStack The BufferStack class stores a stack of StringBuffer values so that the FragmentFilter can keep track of multiple buffers during multi-level fragmentation.
Element The Element class stores information about elements (and perhaps someday attributes) in a format that supports namespaces, allows the preservation of prefix information, and supports matching on namespace URIs and localNames.
FilterTester This class just takes two arguments - a rules file and a target file.
FragmentFilter This class provides a SAX 2.0 Filter which uses regular expressions to fragment particular elements into smaller labelled components.
FragmentRule Each FragmentRule describes a regular expression and the results of the fragmentation it produces, described as a series of child elements.
FragmentRules This class stores a set of rules in a HashMap.
RulesLoader This class loads the information stored in a rules document for use in fragment filtering.