The quest for control has lost us control. We developed sophisticated systems for taking command of our environment and other people and now those systems dictate to us rather than the other way around. The greatest of capitalists may make choices, but is always bound by the demands of capital and its unceasing logic: make a profit. Today we (and capital) are losing control of information the same way - the medium is the message, but it's no longer difficult to see ourselves as the media for information passing through us, using us. So we complain and scheme to take back control, forgetting that that the move to control was what brought us to this seemingly calamitous situation in the first place. Our need for control is a virus which reproduces and spreads at an alarming rate, with the victims perpetually reinfecting themselves and accelerating the course of the disease. We have lost the game because we tried too hard. Believing humanity to be the center of our universe was a mistake made long after our dynamism had passed to other systems beyond the control of any individual, beyond even our collective will in governments.

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