Choosing your client machine

The client you use is less critical than the server. After all, hopefully thousands of people on different machines will hopefully be reading your pages, and it should really matter what kind of machines they have, anyway. There are only a few criteria for the client machine: In afix, of course, you can use the client as the server; the X Mosaic can talk to http services on the same machine, and Windows NT (I think) can pull a similar trick. With Windows or the Mac, it'll be pretty much just like reading files from a browser.

Personally, I advise using a Macintosh for the client. There's nothing better for displaying and editing graphics, browsers seem to run faster, and System 7.5 makes TCP/IP over ethernet extremely easy, much easier than Windows. I'll cover this in more detail in the step-by-step explanation of my own Mac/Linux setup.

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