Installing Linux for use as a local Web server

There are only a few things you need to be certain of when you install Linux. When you're configuring what goes into the kernel, be sure to tell it to install TCP/IP networking. You'll probably also want to tell it to install PPP and SLIP, if you hope later to connect this Linux machine to the Internet by phone. Ethernet support will come automatically (in my experience) with TCP/IP.

You probably also want to install Perl when asked, and any other Internet options you get asked about - named, gated, sendmail, etc. My installation came with Telnet, sendmail, and FTP already there, with other options (for gateways and name service, for instance) installed but turned off. The more you install, the less likely that you'll be cursing later. You'll have to get your Web server off the Internet anyway, so don't panic if that doesn't come with your installation.

Let's move on to giving your machine an identity.

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