Setting up an NT Machine's TCP/IP identity

While it's much easier to set up an NT Workstation or Server's TCP/IP address than it is to do the same thing for a UNIX machine, there are still a very few things to look out for. Fortunately, though, NT has a few advantages over either UNIX or the Macintosh that combine to make setting it up easy: All of the work you'll be doing setting up TCP/IP will be from the Network Control Panel:
I hope you told NT to install TCP/IP when you set it up in the first place, but if you didn't, you can still install it from the Network Control Panel anyway - just use the Add Software button. (If you forgot to install your adapter card software, or installed the card after installing NT, you may have to use the Add Adapter option first.) If you did install TCP/IP, you were probably asked already about your IP address and may even have entered it. If you did, it's already there, if not, you can add it by selecting TCP/IP Protocol from the list of Installed Network Software and clicking on the Configure button:

This is pretty easy - you just enter the TCP/IP address you chose earlier and the appropriate subnet mask ( for a type C address, which you've most likely chosen). If you have a gateway on your network you can enter that here as well. If you have a nameserver you can configure that by clicking on the DNS button; if you want to enable routing you can do that by clicking on the Advanced... button and using the options down there. For the simple network we're developing in this, however, you should be all set. When you're ready, click OK.

If you haven't already, you may want to install the FTP server and other TCP/IP services as well. Otherwise, just click OK again and you'll be all set - ready to install a Web server.

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