Class Area


public class Area
extends Object
The Area class represents a clickable space This class is for testing purposes only and does not need to be present to use the XLinkFilter, LinkSet, or Link classes with other applications.

0.11 - Last Modified 12/5/98 Copyright 1998 Simon St.Laurent Information at: This code is licensed by Simon St.Laurent under the Mozilla Public License. See for details. No warranty provided - use at your own risk

Variable Index

 o bottom
 o left
 o right
 o top

Constructor Index

 o Area(String, String, int, int, int, int)

Method Index

 o getId()
 o isInArea(int, int)
 o toString()


 o left
 public int left
 o top
 public int top
 o right
 public int right
 o bottom
 public int bottom


 o Area
 public Area(String id,
             String shape,
             int left,
             int top,
             int right,
             int bottom)


 o getId
 public String getId()
 o isInArea
 public boolean isInArea(int x,
                         int y)
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object