Extended Links with XLink - Image Map Example

Directions: Click with the right mouse button (or control-click on a Mac) on the picture. If you click on an active area, a menu will appear, indicating available links. Links are multi-directional, and each location on the map may correspond to many clickable areas and its links.

This example extends the image map functionality currently available in HTML browsers in a Java environment using a custom document type definition. It applies the XLinkFilter for SAX and the AElfred Parser, extracting the information needed to describe extended links between documents, which in this case are my wife's family pictures. The XML files involved are extremely simple, as can be seen below (if your browser supports the direct display of XML files, anyway.) Note that all of the links are in the intial map1.xml file - the applet remembers the links throughout the pages visited.

Download all the maps and graphics

More details on how this works are available in the XLinkFilter project area.