Money Counting Equipment

Basic Money Counter

Count your cash without spending all of it!

Joe's is pleased to announce this NEW addition to our line. People with piles of change can sort their money easily, and wrap it for the bank. Makes the change box a lot more useful!
Price:$14.95, plus $4.95 shipping and handling.

Also available: Paper Coin Wrappers, bag of 100: $2.95

Standard Money Counter

Count and collect your cash automatically!

This money counter wraps your change automatically - -- just feed it the plastic change rolls. You'll feel just like the bank when you read its LED display announcing how much change you've gathered.

Special guarantee: 100% accuracy on wrapping or your money back!
Price:$64.95, plus $7.95 shipping and handling.

Also available: Plastic Coin Wrappers, box of 400: $10.95

Super-Duper Money Counter

Tired of change? This machine counts bills as well. Feed it the take from a cash register and watch it count away. Spits out old bills in a separate tray for easy counting. Saves hours of effort spent counting pennies -- and twenties!
Price:$649.95, plus $29.95 shipping and handling.

Uses plastic coin wrappers above, and Paper Bill Wrappers, box of 1000: $10.95