Living in Dryden - Locally-focused blogs

United States


Point - Point Reyes National Seashore, CA
Starhill.US - Starhill, CA


The Daily Whim - Atlanta, GA*


HawaiiStories - A group project on Hawaii†


Chicago Bloggers - a directory of weblogs in Chicago, IL†


Caring Matters - Watching the Kansas legislature, in Lawrence, KS
lawrence(ks).com - blogs - a group of blogs from Lawrence, KS†


Cape Cod Works - Cape Cod, MA
Left Center Left - Boston, MA*

New Jersey

BernardsBlog - Bernards Township (Basking Ridge)

New York

Cazenovia Free Press - Cazenovia, NY
CU Community - Columbia University, New York, NY†
Living in Dryden - Dryden, NY
NYCO's Blog - Syracuse, NY
Syracuse weblogs - Syracuse, NY†

North Carolina

Hogg's Blog - Greensboro, NC - Orange County (Chapel Hill area), NC


Portland Communique - Portland, OR


Blake's Blog - Memphis, TN

Washington State

Jacqueline Mackie Paisley Passey - Seattle, WA*
Sound Politics - Seattle and Puget Sound, WA

* - This is a local subcategory of a larger overall blog.

† - This is a group of blogs from one location, not necessarily a locally-focused blog.

If you would like to add a locally-focused weblog to the list, please use this form.

If you're interested in starting your own local weblog, you might start at What you need to do this.

There's a much larger list and discussion available now. (Update: They've created a more formal list, complete with party designations when appropriate.

Living in Dryden.