Errata for Dynamic HTML: A Primer

The following notes are intended to help you keep up with the amazing rate of change in Dynamic HTML. Originally, Internet Explorer 4.0 was to have been out in June, but two preview releases have appeared, there's no final end in sight yet - and the book is already released. These errata will update the text of the book with all changes through the final release of IE 4.0.

This page covers significant changes to the text of the book; for changes to the code, please visit the code sample download page.

Chapter 4

50-51 - Microsoft has caught up to this redraw problem in PR2 and put it to rest, as you can see.
55 - Microsoft has renamed the visual object to screen, and renamed hres width and vres height.

Chapter 5

72-3 - This way of collecting event parameters in JavaScript no longer works in PR2. See the code example for details. Generally, you'll always have to explicitly request event.x to get the x value, event.y to get the y value, etc. IE no longer passes these values as parameters in JavaScript.

Chapter 6

122-6 Great News! Microsoft implemented Netscape's LiveConnect in IE 4.0 PR2. It seems to work flawlessly, though they haven't documented it all as far as I can find.

Chapter 7

131 - In the top paragraph, the basic mechanism is no longer pasteHTML - it's the innerHTML and outerHTML properties. (See Chapter 8 for details.) In the second paragraph, the outline with styles still doesn't work in the final version (so far) of Netscape Communicator. Netscape has not implemented a document object model yet.
145 - Unfortunately, the event sequence changed in PR2, and the popup example no longer works precisely this way. Essentially, the popup text now disappears before it has a chance to defend itself. As a result, I've simplified the code and the functionality. The menu still appears on a rollover, but you have to click the Portfolio text to make it disappear.
150-5 The bricks example still works the same way, but some extra code had to be added to both the drag and drag-and-drop examples to keep the browser from dropping the bricks too easily.

Chapter 8

The mechanisms for manipulating document content have changed far more radically than I thought possible. As a result, here is a completely revised Chapter 8.

Chapter 9

206 - Microsoft's revision of the textRange object and the new properties (innerHTML and outerHTML) have removed the restrictions mentioned in the first paragraph. To keep the example comparable, the code still works as it did, but there is no longer any technical problem preventing the display of multiple lines.
210 - Note that because we are now able to use the innerHTML property, the requirement that we include the outer tags no longer holds.
212 - The basic mechanism for searching text for our data input still work, but the mechanism for setting up the search area in the first place has changed slightly. See the Eliza code for more details.

Chapter 10

The mechanisms for manipulating Microsoft's ActiveX multimedia features have also changed radically. As a result, here is a completely revised Chapter 10.

Chapter 11

260 - Developers should take note of a slight change in the Filter properties of the TDC. See the code for details.

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