Hypertype / Hypertext

I've been working on a hypertext engine since October 1992, when I was having a wonderful time working at Kinko's Copies in Ithaca, New York, and needed to find something to do with my spare time that wouldn't cost me any money. I developed a HyperCard stack called Hypertype, which allows users to write simple hypertexts that run on the Macintosh in HyperCard without having to write their own HyperTalk scripts. In theory, at least, it's semi-automatic. Also in theory, it's a $15 shareware product. Right now it's up to version 2.0, with version 2.2 in (slow) development. Version 2.2 (never really completed) will add the ability to create HTML files from Hypertype stacks.

All of the above stacks require a Macintosh and HyperCard 2.2 to operate.

Simon St.Laurent
Last Modified: 6/5/95 (Reformatted 12/15/98)