Markup Object Events (MOE)

MOE isn't here yet. However, you can explore javadoc for now. Nothing at all in this package should be considered properly released, much less final, and version numbers will stay at 0.01 until I have at least a foundation poured and can figure out what needs changing. Things are looking less like guesswork, but I'm still not comfortable calling this alpha.

The main methods test very basic functionality. Once I get a SAX->MOE conversion up, I may have a brighter perpsective. This project is now hosted at SourceForge, so at least I've got confidence it's worth proceeding on a larger scale.

A project page with links to mailing lists and CVS is available.

There are now a few screen shots of the Swing-based MOEWorkshop up as well. Like MOE, this is just getting started. I really needed to see the models.

The entire package is and will be under the Mozilla Public License, Version 1.1. License details are in the javadoc.

A zip file is also available, though not much more enlightening.

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