Scenery: buildings and environment

Since I figured that no one really wanted to live under a bed, I started with freight depots and industrial buildings. Power plants, concrete plants, 'factory halls', some trackside buildings and now a printing plant have been my main anchors in a scenic wasteland. Then I saw some Pola house kits priced too cheaply to resist ($4.50?) and put them together. Suddenly the neighborhood I'd pictured as Newark was turning into Copenhagen - these homes were too nice, with their dormer windows and beautiful window frames. I bought some more Model Power kits (also really from Pola) and put some buildings in with flat roofs.

I got some really nice stick-on road from Heki as well as one of their mini-forests and used the road where it mattered what the street looked like. Service roads and parking lots, though, have gotten black construction paper. Much cheaper, especially for service roads set far beneath the bed. Then I got some lights and some vehicles and went a little crazy. I'm always rearranging buildings to make things fit, so nothing is really glued down. The concrete plant, for instance, used to be in the front near the homes - which is rarely where I would want one of those. Dust and the occasional explosion aren't popular for residential neighborhoods. Now I've put the printing plant there. Since I have a printing plant two doors down, it seems logical. The overall layout puts the industrial stuff in the back with the dust and the homes in the front with the light.

I also put down some LifeLike earth and grass in the front areas. It's harder to apply than I expected, and I would only work with the stuff if you can pull the board out from the bed enough to work with it. I used LifeLike's landscaping cement for the earth and grass and glue for the trees behind the nicer houses.

You can do anything you like for scenery. Pastoral scenes under a bed might be tricky, and it's hard to do hills and mountains, but someday I'll put a sky board back there so my JVC stereo box isn't quite so ugly and obvious.

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