Recreating A HREF=

Implied XLink Simple Link

Simple links are specified using an attribute value using xlink:type. An example simple link using xlink:type as an attribute is shown below:

<mylink xlink:type="simple" xlink:href="" xlink:title="Author site" xlink:role="" xlink:show="new" xlink:actuate="onRequest" >Simon's Site</xlink:simple>

This would create a link, containing the text "Simon's Site", that would point to The title, which might pop up on a mouseover, would be "Author site", and its role (in case anyone, perhaps a style sheet cared) would be "". When clicked on by a user, a new window would appear with the contents of For the most part, this approach allows to use your own element names, but you are still required to use the attribute names, complete with full namespace prefixes.

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