XML Linking Language(XLink)

Creating Powerful and Flexible Hypertext structures

Simon St.Laurent

Geek Cruises XML Excursion - January 2001

Copyright 2001 Simon St.Laurent simonstl@simonstl.com - http://www.simonstl.com

Table of Contents

Hypertext for the 1970s

The Problem with Hypertext

HTML's Magical Simplification

Exploding Webs of Hypertext

The Pain of Document Management

Moving Beyond HTML

Linking and Open Vocabularies

A New Approach for XML

Simple Links

Recreating A HREF=

Moving from Paths to Sets

Moving Links Out of the Way

Creating Extended Links

Demonstration - Image Maps

The Behavior Question

Programming for Links

Styles for Links

The Question of Arcs

Managing Links - Extended Link Groups

Legal and Political Implications of Multidirectional Links

Alternative Approaches - Weaknesses of XLink

Alternative Approaches - Non-XLink Solutions

Moving Toward Generic Hypertext Applications


Copyright 2000 Simon St.Laurent