• The XLink Specification - - is the root of all of this work.
  • The XPointer Specification - - is also worth a look, providing tools used to specify locators smaller than a complete document (and way beyond #name).
  • The XArc Specification - - (not a W3C specification, but an open project) was one alternative to XLink.
  • Robin Cover's XLL page - - lists many resources for XLink development.
  • Lloyd Rutlege's Hypermedia Research Links - - include a wealth of Web and multimedia information.
  • Elliotte Rusty Harold did a presentation - - for the New York Object Developers' Group on XLink, XPointer, and XPath on 24 August 1999.
  • Archives of xlxp-dev - - (XLink/XPointer Discussion)
  • Archives of - the W3C XLink list
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