Scripting Languages for XML

Real Processing with Lightweight Tools

Simon St.Laurent

XTech '2000 - February 2000

Copyright 2000 Simon St.Laurent -

Table of Contents

Lightweight Tools for Lightweight Markup

Different Tools for Different Environments

Questions of Parsers

Language Choices






Scripting in the Browser: Manipulating the DOM

Figure 1 - Inside the Browser

The HTML Model

Working with XML in Internet Explorer 5

Working with XML in Mozilla

Scripting on the Server

Generating XML as Text in ASP

Generating XML through the DOM in ASP

Reading XML through the DOM in ASP

Supplementing Scripts with XSL in ASP

Figure 2 - Inside the Browser

Building XML Applications with Scripts

Python and Zope

Perl and CGI

Leaping to Java?

The Future of XML Scripting

Questions and Resources

Copyright 2000 Simon St.Laurent